Leather & Lace

Weather has definitely not been cooperating in L.A. but we finally got a break from the rain which meant I had to shoot this look!  I’ve actually had these culottes for a couple months and have been waiting for the right time to wear them. They are actually part of a set but I opted to style these pants separately this time around. I’m loving nude tones and had been searching for the perfect pieces until I came across these. Culottes can make any outfit look put together while having the added benefit of being ultra comfortable so it’s no wonder why I keep reaching for them now.

As you can see, I didn’t pair them with a typical top. I’ve been seeing lingerie popping up more and more outside of the bedroom so I tried it out for myself. I’ve had this lace bodysuit in my wardrobe for a while but thought it would be a perfect fit with these pants to dress them up a bit. I love the different textures and how the lace really pops against my skin. It’s definitely not an everyday look and a little more revealing than my typical style but I kind of love it. I finished it off with my favorite leather jacket from Topshop which is pretty much my go-to outfit topper.

I’ve been asked lots of questions about my Gucci loafer dupes. I repeat, they are not Gucci… I actually found these via another blogger on Instagram and had to track them down. As much as I love shoes, I couldn’t get myself to pay $600 for a pair that I know I wouldn’t be wearing non-stop. Don’t get me wrong, the Princeton slippers have been in style for years and are such a classic. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to get my hands on the fur or embroidered ones but for now, I’ll stick to finding deals where I can. If you’re curious, they’re from a random website with other luxury shoe lookalikes called Anna Xi. I will say that I went a half-size up and ordered a 39 which fit me perfectly and I love how they look. If you’re not into these specifically, other brands like Steve Madden also have great loafer/slip-ons that would give you the same vibe. Check out the links above!

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