Pleated Midi

I’ve been spending the holidays in my hometown of Seattle and the winter weather here is real. I guess I’ve become accustomed to the L.A. weather being spoiled with constant sunshine that I’ve forgotten how to handle the cold. Just when I thought I was prepared with a suitcase half full of just jackets, Seattle reminded me of where I was. Nonetheless I wanted to style this pleated skirt from H&M because I’ve been wearing it non-stop this holiday season. Since I usually stick to midi dresses, I wanted something a little more festive to dress up in. I originally wanted a pleated skirt that was metallic but I’m glad I stuck with my usual color of choice because it can easily be transitioned from day to night.

There are a lot of cute pleated skirts available right now but I went with this one because it was so comfortable as soon as I tried it on. I’ve seen some really cute ones from Zara, ASOS, and even Forever 21 but I was sold on this one instantly especially because of the price. The elastic waistband is perfect for those days when you want to indulge in those holiday feasts and hide your food baby. I paired the simple skirt with a graphic tee from ASOS (now sold out) and my go-to moto jacket to balance out the look.

I also recently got a pair of the ever so popular Acne Jensen booties and I am hooked on them. To be honest, I was hesitant about keeping them after trying them on until I read reviews that they needed to be broken in. I bought true to size and it definitely took a handful of wears to make them bearable enough to walk around in. Now that the leather has relaxed, I’ve been wearing them non-stop and I’m also really surprised at how well they stand up against the rainy Seattle weather (but wear thick socks since they don’t necessarily keep your toes warm). If you’re in the market for a good pair of chelsea boots then these are a must-have.

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