Adidas NMD XR1






It’s no surprise to people that know me that sneakers are my guilty pleasure.¬†They’re my go-to accessory of choice no matter the occasion but I know it can also be tricky styling athletic shoes. My rule is to always go with basics and to let the shoes be the focus… Kind of like when you’re tying to find an outfit to go with a pair of kickass heels. Adidas NMD’s have been my latest sneaker obsession and these are no exception. So allow me to give you the full breakdown.

NMD’s have been on the up and up in recent months mostly for the ultra comfortable boost platform and the unique yet simple silhouette which make them easy to throw on for any casual look. Adidas has released countless colorways and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. I’ve already got my hands on a few pairs but I may just be tempted by some upcoming releases. The NMD’s shown here are actually the XR1’s which are a slight variation of the originals. They feature a rubber-like cage material but sill maintain the rest of the classic NMD cues. They have a primeknit upper which makes them very breathable and feel almost like socks (note: not all NMD’s are made of primeknit material). You’ll also notice that I don’t tie my laces but tuck them into my shoes instead. It’s totally personal preference but I like the look of this better as it doesn’t clutter the shoe and make for unnecessary details.

Unfortunately these exact ones are pretty hard to get your hands on but sneaker blogs always have updates on the newest¬†colorways and releases for similar styles. Overall, the majority of my closet is monochrome so it’s easy to pair basics with a sneaker like this. I typically go for jeans and a t-shirt, an oversized shirt dress, or leggings. In this look I opted for a simple athleisure fit with a pair of black skinnies, a white tee, and leather moto jacket.

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